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Princess Jump

Princess Jump

FROM: $200.00


FEATURES: Big Jumping Area, inflatable pop ups
POWER: 1 x 10ampp
SIZE OF CASTLE: 4m Width x 4m Depth x 4.2m Height
SPACE REQUIRED: 5m Width x 5m Depth x 4.5m Height
AGES: 12 years and under
ACCESS: 1m Flat Access


1-2 hours $200 + GST
3-4 hours $250 + GST
5-7 hours $300 + GST
Overnight Hire $350 + GST
AFTER 6pm PICK UP: Contact us for details

OPERATION: Supervision if required is $45 + GST per hour/per supervisor (minimum 3 hours)

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The Princess jump is one of most popular jumping castles, perfect for little girls aged up to 12 years old. It is great for princess-themed birthdays and other events, but royalty is always welcome for all kinds of private and corporate events.

The princess jump measures 4.0 Min length, 4.0 M in width and 4.5 M in height, enclosing a space big enough for 8-12 kids. If you are looking to make a success of your event, then the Princess Jump is just perfect for you, with its large jumping area that will have the girls screaming in excitement all day long.
The kids can have uninterrupted fun all day, because the Princess Jump comes fitted with a roof cover. You can rest assured your little princess will be safe in all weather.

Spoil your girls to a wonderful play date with Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and other Disney princesses. Book online today , and contact for details on overnight hire.


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